Like Minded Horseriders

Maryanne’s musings: So many people to draw and they’re my trickiest thing.  In the first panel I drew all their feet and shoes but had to crop it out to fit. Ah well, good practice.  The thinner lines have also got a bit lost in the downscale, especially around the lady’s hand and face in the final frame.  I work on a Photoshop canvas size of 38cm x 10cm (which is double the required 19x5cm for magazine print in Horse Deals) but I only see the lines deteriorate once I’ve finished and scale it down.  I’ll have to Google up ways to better manage that.  Speaking of Horse Deals, some of the comics, like this one, don’t suit the kids page so won’t make it in. Bit sad.  Maybe another horse magazine will take them.  The next two comics are for all ages and there’s only one person so they should evolve quickly.

I originally had text in the first panel calling it a meeting of Saddle Pads Anonymous, but I started to feel uncomfortable that I might upset somebody who has experienced an alcohol or drug problem, or who is close to somebody that has.  I’d never wish to upset anyone and hope this particular comic is seen as just a light-hearted dig at people who love buying matchy tack.  I myself have a particular brand of saddlepad that I love.  I’d love to get the matching boots… and Halo would look adorable in an ear bonnet… (uh oh, it’s started.. 😉 )