Thinking outside the square -CIRCLE

Maryanne’s musings: This comic is for Maddi and her horse Equus.  Equus likes his hay spread in a circle and that is the idea this particular comic was developed from.  I’m tending to keep the backgrounds and shading a bit simpler when there’s a lot going on.  Due to the size restriction of the comic space the more detail you put in the harder the lines are to see and it starts looking muddy.  It’s tricky to get the balance right and it’s something I’ll have to keep in mind.  The line weight/thickness of the characters is also something I’ve found can trip me up.  If the lines are too thin they get lost once colour is put in.  It can be saved to an extent with hard shading/highlights, but I need to be a bit braver about using heavy outlines.

The more I do, the more I learn 🙂 I’m still having a lot of fun with the comic format.