Big on bravery


Maryanne’s musings: This was another quick one. I sketched it on paper instead of on the tablet. All I had to do was photograph my sketchbook using my phone and email it to myself to get it into the computer and start turning it into a comic.

I went through a couple of ideas for the middle, including one where the small horse was crying, but that seemed too sad. I like the idea of the small horse not even being affected by the big nasty horse, apart from looking a bit gobsmacked by the tirade in the first panel.

The idea for this one came about from small horses being big on bravery. Where I keep my old horse there’s a paddock with two miniature donkeys and they boss around a huge thoroughbred.  I’ve got a couple of other sketches where small horses put their clever brains to good use (or bad use, depending on whether you look at it from the perspective of the horse or the person 😉 )