First class

Maryanne’s musings: One of my horses gets offended if there isn’t a meal in the float. The idea sort of went from there. What if a horse was a fussy traveller and demanded VIP treatment? I originally had the horse being lured on with hay and a bucket of feed but then I read about how bad that can be for a horse’s health (to eat while travelling) so I edited it to be treats.

I didn’t know whether to have the horse with speech bubbles or thinking bubbles. I thought if he had speech bubbles it might be assumed the people could understand him so I went with thought bubbles. I love love LOVED Garfield comics when I was growing up, but for some reason I didn’t realise that he was thinking what he was saying to Jon. I always thought they were having a conversation with each other. It doesn’t really matter if someone thinks the horse is talking.

I hand-wrote the woman saying “take a step” because it wasn’t really necessary to the comic but I wanted it in for some reason. I didn’t want any more space taken up by white bubble background either. I drew a really nice car that the float was hooked up to, but it had to be cropped out.  I purposely drew the woman wearing tracksuit pants because that’s what I feel like I spend half the time wearing when I’m around horses. Hail to tracksuit pants!