Horse comics and cartoons. Equestrian jokes to make you smile

Why horse comics?

Welcome to all of the horse comics and cartoons I’ve created (so far…). I have 2 horses that make me laugh a lot with their antics. Whenever I’m out on the trail I seem to have an idea for a joke pop into my mind. Usually I grab the idea and quickly send it to myself as an email using my phone. Later when I get home I retrieve my idea for a joke and start the process of turning it into a horse comic. 

Firstly, I start with a really rough comic sketch of the horses. I scribble the dialogue for the joke along the top.  The comic is all worked out on my ipad. I draw, and redraw, and KEEP DRAWING until my sketched lines are overlaid with a neat layer of “inky” lines. Then it’s time for my horse comic to be imported into Adobe Illustrator and finally Photoshop. It’s a real process bringing a horse cartoon to life, but I think you’ll agree that the later comics look much better than my earlier comics 😀 I also never used to draw people, but realised early on that I would need to try or else I was limiting my gags.

Why horses?

I do have other pets, but I can’t seem to stop drawing horse cartoons. Growing up I loved Garfield. My grandma in England would send me the Garfield magazine each month, all the way to Australia. 

I hope my comics make you laugh and brighten your day. Some of them are a bit batty, but I think with over 70 horse comics there’s got to be at least one laugh for everybody, regardless of their sense of humour. I hope to have them printed into a little horse comic book one day soon. I have a backlog of emails that I’ve sent myself with the subject “comic idea” so there are plenty more cartoons in the pipeline.