The Rainbow Bridge

Maryanne’s musings:  This one came about because I have a dear old chestnut thoroughbred Jackson.  He’s a very sensitive, flighty fellow and has been retired for over a decade.  But when he was in work he was really scared of wheely bins.   They’d often be standing sentinel-like at the end of people’s driveways.  You’d think he’d get used to them, but no.  For some reason I was thinking about people’s reference to deceased animals crossing The Rainbow Bridge and I thought “Jackson would definitely be scared of that bridge.”

Kangaroos are probably his biggest fear.  There’s no going near Jackson if a kangaroo is in the next paddock. At the sight/smell of a kangaroo his neck goes near vertical like a periscope and the rest of his body starts madly pooping (Some instinct tells him this will scare off the kangaroos…)

The trickiest part of this comic was the tiny little horse running away over the bridge.  In hindsight I probably didn’t need that front hoof visible.

In the third frame I started by having a bin and a kangaroo but it felt crowded and unnecessary so the kangaroo got dropped.  The third panel also was originally flipped (horse on the left, bin on the right) but thankfully before I got too far in I realised it worked better having things run left to right in the way that the story unfolds (e.g. Bin appears, horse reacts).  Maybe it’s a psychological thing of reading left to right?

In the last frame I tried blurring the bin in the foreground but it looked weird so I kept it with sharp lines.

Ooh! Lastly, it was fun choosing a “god font.”