Planet of the horses


Maryanne’s musings: Soooo there is a genius motive for why they shy 😉  I guess the future becomes like Planet of the Apes. But with horses.

I originally had a zoomed out horsey head in the last frame but it didn’t fit with all my writing and I liked the idea of the carrot bit being dropped in after a beat.  I had to resize a few eyes. I had them too big. I mean, they’re still big. It’s funny to think they were bigger. I also had more horses in the crowd, but it was too many. There’s probably still too many.

I wasn’t sure how to end it. I was just going to end it on the things they shied at but then I wanted the horse to like sign-off. I was happy with the carrot line. It’s silly, but the whole thing is silly 🙂