Horses love matchy (sort of…)

Maryanne’s musings: I originally had a saddle on the chestnut (with matching green saddlepad of course!). Although I was quite happy with the saddle and how it was drawn, it looked like the horse had a big pair of headphones on.  So the saddle came off and we see the horse’s barrel tummy instead.  Then of course I started to worry about that as well. The shapes all make more sense in the full view with the top of the horse’s front legs, but they don’t fit without shrinking our horses down in the frame. Hopefully it translates. I drew the halter on the black horse after I’d done the line work because I thought it would be a bit irresponsible to have a random horse wandering around when there’s a bridled horse tied up. Buuuut of course having two horses tied up on such long leads in close proximity is pretty irresponsible in itself.  Ah well, let’s just smile and move on shall we? 😉