Dressage in the Wild

Maryanne’s musings: I try and steer away from poo jokes but here we are.  Just a horse unintentionally doing some dressage moves in the wild.
The first panel for this one was originally two ladies leaning on a fence talking and saying “Do you think horses do dressage in the wild?” but it wasn’t working for me (despite spending AGES on their poses, perspective and hands) so I scrapped it. It just seemed like a big leap to go from them to the wild horse.  It would probably need to end by going back to the two ladies to tie it all together and there wasn’t enough room.  So instead the first panel became an intro.  In hindsight it would have been cool to start with the horse smugly saying “pfffft dressage! When would I ever use those moves outside of an arena?”  Ah well, the next comic is already being sketched.