Identity crisis

Maryanne’s musings:  I know horses that have a better documented family tree than me.  All those lovely, fanciful names wound into their breeding.  It’s lovely to be able to see photos on the internet of horses from days gone by. -But anyway I’m rambling! This horse in the comic is so used to reciting its pedigree that it has forgotten its own name.  I made up the names in the pedigree because I didn’t want anybody to think I was having a dig at them.

I drew a colouring in page recently and one of the techniques I tried out was to have a bold stroke outline around characters so that on a black and white colouring-in page the characters “pop” from the black and white lines of the background.  I liked the effect so I’ve used it in this comic (despite it not being in black and white…).  I think it might be something I incorporate from now on.  Also with this comic I reminded myself to pay attention to the line weights and try to get consistency between panels (in the past when I’ve shrunk/enlarged/cropped different characters to fit the panels I’ve ended up with inconsistency from panel to panel on how thick the lines are).  I purposely made the lines thicker on the horses in the first panel because they’re further away and thin lines can get a bit lost.