Puddle puddle


Maryanne’s musings: My horse is overly-suspicious of puddles. Forgive me if I’ve rambled about this before, but on the trail there’s this one puddle that stretches right across the path and he refuses to step over it. I’ve tried hopping off and demonstrating the hop from one side to the other (like, 2 feet?) and I’ve stood in the puddle to demonstrate that it is NOTHING but he won’t cross. He’s over 700kg of “won’t cross” and his mind is well and truly made up. Anyway so with that circling in the back of my mind I had the phrase “mirror mirror on the wall” pop into my head and for some reason I thought about how it might translate for horses. So this comic started from the first phrase and went from there.  I’m not sure what horses think of frogs but one time we had a group of horses in the arena for a lesson when our coach spotted a frog jumping down the long side. Those of us on horseback were pretty keen for our coach to get it out before our horses spotted it! 🙂 I developed this comic strip with another one about sprinklers that pretty much ends in the same way. The sprinkler one came from (somehow) convincing my horse to walk into an arena with two sprinklers going at either end.

One thing that irks me a bit with the way I’ve drawn this is that in the second panel the grey horse’s leg looks like the other side of his neck so it makes him look like he has a super fat neck. Maybe I should drop his speech bubble over his hooves so the line work on his body is clearer. I put a thicker black outline around the grey horse’s head on frames where his body is foreshortened to try and help bring his head forward. Still trying new tricks!

Hope you enjoy my comics.