Not a water fan

Maryanne’s musings: This was a pretty quick one about horses over-reacting to things that shouldn’t be scary (WHOLE lotta material there! 😉 ). My horse tries really hard to avoid water. He’s actually pretty tolerant in the wash bay, but out on the trail he absolutely will not step in a puddle. I would love to take my horse to the beach. In my mind’s eye we trot playfully through the shallows and take a billion selfies. In reality it would require some sort of crane to get him anywhere near the water. So yes, I get major envy when I see my friends posts on Facebook of their beach and water horse-trails. One day… 😉

Also you might be wondering why the horse isn’t wearing a halter. I went to quite a bit of trouble drawing halters on in the final stage but it kinda dominated and took away from the horse’s expressions and I had so much fun mixing up the different angles so I ditched the halter. I apologise if that gets your safety around horses nerves a-jangling. He really should be wearing a halter and be securely tied.