Basically, ponies are ninjas

Maryanne’s musings: This is piggy-backing off the earlier theme that ponies are a mysterious unstoppable force of nature. Fence? What fence? Oh, and ninja stealth/speed skills 😉

I added the dotted line so that it is hopefully more clear the truck is being unloaded (although now that I think about it, perhaps he should have been unloading onto something other than the ground!)

I made the 2nd bag “Bran” in stead of “Oats” and a different colour label to help tell the bags apart so it’s hopefully even more clear that it’s a different bag.  Also I think the speech bubbles help show he’s unloading, not loading the truck.

The pony was a bit hard to draw so far away. If I was to re-do this one I might make the pony closer. I think it is still identifiable as a pony.