Maryanne Wallace

Comic creator

This is the about me section. That’s me in the photo with my horse Halo who is very quirky and great inspiration (Granted that’s a very tidy version of me. If you spotted me in the wild, say the supermarket after feeding the horses, I’d have hay through my hair and look a bit like an extra from a survivalist movie).

Halo loves food. I can’t underline, bold, or uppercase that enough.  He’s a pretty cruisey dude most of the time.

I have another horse Jackson who is a very elderly thoroughbred, but he doesn’t seem to know that and has been enjoying retirement from riding duties for over 10 years.  Jackson can be flighty and a big scaredy-cat, so he is also great inspiration.

I don’t need to worry about Jackson breaking into the feed shed. He won’t even stand in his big deluxe el-primo shelter shed.  Halo on the other hand would happily burst through the roof of the feed shed, lowered from a helicopter Mission-Impossible style if it got him a snack.

I love drawing and hope people enjoy my drawings.

When I’m not drawing I’m either:

  • playing with my two young children,
  • working in my Marketing day-job,
  • or being shown a video of my husband’s latest quadcopter race (that’s HIS thing).