You say, I hear

Maryanne’s musings: I have an appreciation for matching gear. I don’t have a big collection myself (–Also I’m more of a boots than bandages gal–) but I’m part of a Facebook group where people show off what they’ve collected.  It’s fun and most importantly, the people in the group can see the funny side of their obsess- er, interest 😉
This was a pretty easy one to draw.  As usual I overdrew and had legs for the horse and instructor in the first panel which I lost on the cropping.  Bit of wasted effort there but you never know, it could be handy down the track.  I didn’t set out to have the instructor’s irrelevant words in a light grey font but I tried it part way through and loved the effect. The tricky part was coming up with words for the instructor to say that kind of made sense in a horse exercise way, whilst including the magic trigger words.

Anyway, hope you get a smile 🙂