All the proofs

Horseproof - Horizontal - Horse on the Run comics
Horseproof - vertical - Horse on the Run comics

Maryanne’s musing: Ok so this is a bit of an easy gag. I wanted to do something easy between two trickier pieces. One of those pieces was the Spooky Bingo picture, which has been completed – yay! But that had 16 fairly easy little pictures. The next complex piece relies a lot more on horsey expressions so it might be something I complete a bit at a time. We’ll see! 😀 
The sketches are down on paper, but need to be worked and re-worked. There’s a lot of work between idea and finished picture. It always feels nice when I get to the end though and I love learning new tricks along the way.

The only tricky thing about the comic above was checking that no manufacturers had a rug this colour in market – I didn’t want to offend anybody or make them think I was making fun of a real brand of rug.
In real life my horses are actually pretty good with rugs. I don’t think I’ve ever turned up to find a shockingly shredded rug 🙂

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