Spooky Trail Bingo

Maryanne's musing: This was originally published on Facebook on March 20th. I was a bit late adding it to the website because it is a different size format to the…

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How does your horse eat?

Maryanne's musing: My horse Jackson is a woodchipper. He's the messiest eater despite having his teeth routinely attended to. There's always a fallout zone of food around his feed bowl…

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All the proofs

Maryanne's musing: Ok so this is a bit of an easy gag. I wanted to do something easy between two trickier pieces. One of those pieces was the Spooky Bingo…

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More time together

Maryanne's musing: Jackson hurt his eye a while back and needed eye drops three times a day, plus eye gel, plus a powder in his food. Thankfully his eye came…

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The snooze button

Maryanne's musing: This is a typical "I hate Mondays" comic ;) When I go up to ride my horse Halo I think he must heave a big long-suffering sigh when…

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It’s the little things

Maryanne's musing: The sheep was originally a kangaroo. My horses are really freaked out by them. Other horses don't seem to care. Sheep are also on the "alert list" and…

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The Bills

Maryanne's musing: Partway through doing the linework for this one I thought the punchline could change to having their names as UnbearaBill, IrresponsiBill, AdoraBill etc. I almost made two separate…

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Something in the air

Hands up who's already had a vet bill in 2021? Spoiler: ME ;)  Or more accurately, my horse Jackson. He is having eye drops 3 times a day. Time, petrol,…

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One of those tests

We're back with the judges  for another dressage test. I totally relate to the rider's nerves. Safety everything for me please! ;)  P.S - The black linework is really getting…

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Worth a shot

Maryanne's musing:  Probably should have tried bribing with wine... 😉😆 (P.S I didn't really try this...😇)

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