Worth a shot

Maryanne's musing:  Probably should have tried bribing with wine... 😉😆 (P.S I didn't really try this...😇)

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The meaning of dressage

Maryanne's musing: I love trail riding and I ADORE trail riding with my buddies. My awesome friend Elly did a voice for her horse Oscar saying "I thought she'd been…

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Good idea goes bad

Maryanne's musing: I have been trail riding a lot lately. Just my horse Halo and I. I LOVE my saddlebags. They're so handy! But gosh I'd be in deep water…

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I got an ipad pro

Way to go - a brag post! I just wanted to pop a quick note about saving endlessly for an ipad pro and then was surprised with one from The…

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I’m bad at updates

Ok so I need to get better at updates. I'm writing one now because I've completely changed the website theme from whatever it was to a popular theme called Ocean.…

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