Caffeine dressage


Maryanne’s musings:

I put this one together while preparing for my first dressage test in a looong time.  My horse had never been floated to a competition and hadn’t been in an official dressage arena so I was thinking of all kinds of things going wrong.  The drawing took that to an extreme for a bit of a laugh.

There weren’t really any hitches, re-draws or deleted scenes with this comic.  -Actually wait – I remember now that I forgot to draw the horse’s saddle and blobbed that in as an afterthought because it would seem weird for the horse to have a bridle on but no saddle.  It all came together pretty nicely otherwise.

The horse was drawn from the same angle in most of the panels which simplifies things (also no legs or dynamic posing).  The woman character was more of a challenge because I’m still getting used to drawing people.  Persistence paid off with the arm posing.  I figure the more I draw people, the easier it will get – just like horses were tricky in the beginning ????