Greedy guts

Maryanne’s musings: My horse “Halo” can eat an astounding amount of food. He REALLY loves food and doesn’t need a lot to hold condition, so sadly he spends a lot of the year on rations so he doesn’t get too heavy.

I imagine this is what would happen if I gave him a round bale. This one had quite a few pose re-draws. In the final panel the horse was going to be lying down and it took a few goes to get it looking how I wanted it to.

The middle panel started off as a close-up of the horse’s face with him opening his mouth wide to take a huge bite. I decided the owl worked better to break the scene’s timeline. Also -Yay I got to draw an owl!

The woman in the first panel only took a couple of redraws but the pose in the third panel took ages. I’m still learning the ropes on drawing people.