I’m bad at updates

Ok so I need to get better at updates. I’m writing one now because I’ve completely changed the website theme from whatever it was to a popular theme called Ocean. This theme works well with a plugin called Elementor.

I realise the thin landscape format of the comics makes them hard to view on mobile. I chose this format because when I was younger I LOVED Garfield comics and wanted to emulate the format (Even Garfield has probably updated these days to a different format…).

I’ve started cutting up the comics into a more square format to suit Instagram and with the new site I’ve got some code that serves one format to mobiles and another to desktop/tablet. Cool huh?? If you’re not seeing it, it’s because I have a lot of comics to work through and resize.

There’s ALSO a touch and zoom function on the mobile versions.

So far I know I’ve definitely done it for “What is he eating?” and “The ghost.”

Only 60 more to go… 😀