I got an ipad pro

Way to go – a brag post! I just wanted to pop a quick note about saving endlessly for an ipad pro and then was surprised with one from The Husband. YAY! I downloaded the drawing app Procreate in a flash (It was only $14-ish dollars outright) and I’m in luuuuuurve.

I can take my ipad anywhere and draw. The brushes are beautiful.

I’ve had it for about a year now and Officeworks is clearing out cases. I picked up a beauty for $15 that was selling at about $100 previously (I LOVE ME A BARGAIN).

I tend to sketch in Procreate and then export to do vector linework in Illustrator CS5. I also enjoy doing whimsical random paintings in Procreate. There’s a rocking one of my cat Sachi dressed as a Renaissance Overlord (is that a thing?) Anyway he has spectacles, a clockwork cane, a bowler hat with a feather in it and a spanner in the pocket of his dapper vest. WEIRD AS. 🙂